Italian Horror Week on

Dr. Terrors’ Blog of Horrors is featuring a very special Italian Horror Week. It is a chance to celebrate with good gore, good pizza and great beer (PERONI or Moretti?) This is about having fun, learning something and getting free goodies.

Guest Writers! Amazing Giveaways from Fright Rags, Diabolik DVD, Mondo Macabro, Arrow Video, House of Mysterious Secrets and Cult Collectibles. Starts Friday the 13th and runs for a week. Tell your friends. These won’t be your average ordinary giveaways.

Like to keep updated and to be eligible for giveaways.

We’ll be covering the time tested Fulci and Argento but that’s not all. Learn about Independent Italian Cinema as it’s happening NOW!!! 8 Bits From Hell Featuring Frank Browning’s artwork (Got Wood?), ITALIAN HORROR in gorgeous THREE DIMENSIONS!!! An Italian Night Club feature of musical treats and ITALIAN HEAVY METAL!!! and MORE MORE MORE.

Spread the word. Post in every group, on your pages. Use twitter and post on your favorite news related forum. BLOG ABOUT IT!!!

It’s almost time!!!

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