Little tribute to Larraz and asking for help for a bigger one

(Picture of José Ramón Larraz and Celia Novis taken from El Necronomicón de los Templarios)

Dear listeners and readers, I imagine we all are still trying to recover from yesterday sad news about Larraz passing away. I wanted to pay a little tribute to him today so that is why I have uploaded for listening and downloading two shows I did in the past about him.

In the first one you will listen to a show that contains an interview with Celia Novis the director of Larraz documentary On Vampyres and Other Symptons:

Click play to listen″

Download here.

And in this second audio you will listen to a show that had a little tribute I did about Larraz where I talk about his life and his main movies:

Click play to listen″

Download here.

And now here it is where I ask for your help. I would love to have a show dedicated to José Ramón Larraz as we did with Jess Franco, you know, you sent your lines, music, mp3s…. all in order to pay tribute to that director. I would love to do the same about Larraz. September show is almost finished and also I want some time in order to prepare it the best we can. So what about an October show dedicated to Larraz? For me it would be awesome, but I cannot do it without you. So please, send your thoughts, ideas, love whatever to pay tribute to  this master of the Spanish Horror. It could be a paragraph, an audio, you speaking in an mp3… whatever you feel like sending. It would be great to have you in the show.

If you want to be part of it, please send whatever you want to before September 30. Thanks.


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