HRFS 3.2: Javier Pulido interview and Larraz tribute

In this episode of Horror Rises from Spain you will find an interview to Javier Pulido, journalist, author of the book La década de oro del cine de terror español (1967-1976) and also part of the New York event dedicated to Spanish Horror , together with  a little tribute to the Spanish Horror director José Ramón Larraz and Robert Monell’s review of Botas Negras, Látigo de Cuero.

Thanks to everybody who was part of the tribute and to Jane Knight- Geddes (, voice over artist who read one of the letters.

The music you will  listen to in this episode is by the band MechandDrez     (

You can listen to it online here (there may be an ad in Spanish before the podcast starts but do not pay attention to it):″

Or download it just clicking here:

Now you can enjoy Horror Rises from Spain on iTunes for free, just click here


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