You Spanish horror podcast

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3rd Season:


HRSF Nocturna Film Fest Special








Horror Rises from Spain 3.6: Eugenio Mira interview

HRFS 3.5: Nacho Vigalondo and James Harris

Horror Rises from Spain 3.4: Jon Kitley

Horror Rises from Spain 3.3

HRFS 3.2: Javier Pulido interview and Larraz tribute

Horror Rises from Spain 3.1: Diego Arjona

2nd Season:

HRFS: Jess Franco Tribute

HRFS 2.12: Lobos de Arga

Horror rises from spain 2.11

Horror Rises from Spain 2.10: Mike Howlett

Horror Rises from Spain 2.9: Big To Evil

Horror Rises from Spain 2.8: Lone Fleming

Horror Rises from Spain 2.7: EL Santo

Horror Rises from Spain 2.6

Horror Rises from Spain 2.5

Horror Rises from Spain 2.4

Horror Rises from Spain 2.3

Horror Rises from Spain 2.2

Horror Rises from Spain 2.1

1st Season:

(74)Julian Lara’s interview

(73)January 7, 2012 Alberto de Mendoza tribute

(72)December 31, 2011 New Year’s Special

(71)December 24, 2011 Xmas Special

(70)December 17, 2011 Michele Soavi tribute

(69)December 10, 2011 Iñaki García Galera talks about the first Spanish Kinks Kovention + On Vampyres and Other Symptoms review

(68)December 3, 2011 Celia Novis director of the new doc about José Larraz interview + The truth about Savolta case

(67)November 26, 2011 Christopher Lee Special

66()November 19, 2011 Koldo Serra interview (2nd part)

(65)Novembre 12, 2011 Koldo Serra interview (1st part) + Our last weekend review

(64)November 5, 2011 Petter Cushing Special

(63)October 29, 2011 Halloween Special

(62)October 22, 2011 Special guest: Juanjo Ramirez director of Gritos en el pasillo (Going Nuts)

(61)October 15, 2011 Special guest: Celia Novis director of the new doc about José Larraz

(60)October 1, 2011 Reviews: I hate my body and A candle for the devil

(59)September 24, 2011 Dario Argento’s 3 mothers special

(58)September 17, 2011 Ingrid Pitt Special

(57)September 10, 2011 Reviews: Kidnapped, The New Daughter and Julia’s eyes

(56)September 3, 2011 Special guest César del Álamo

(55)August 27, 2011 Estepona and Sitges festivals special

(54)August 20, 2011 Alex de la Iglesia special (part 2) plus some reviews and news

(53)August 13, 2011 Alex de la Iglesia special (part 1)

(52)August 6, 2011 Anniversary party

(51)July 30, 2011 British TV series special: The Prisioner and Hammer House of Horror.

(50)July 23, 2011 Reviews, reviews, reviews and the latest news!!!

(49)July 16, 2011 Becquer special together with Dan Fisher

(48)July 2, 2011 6 films to keep you awake special

(47)June 25, 2011 Reviews, reviews, reviews and the latest news!!!

(46)June 18, 2011 Reviews and news!

(45)June 11, 2011 Night of the seagulls special  Rod Barnett and David Zuzelo

(44)June 4, 2011 Ghost Galleon special togerther with Rod Barnett and David Zuzelo

(43)May 28, 2011 Special guest Mark Steensland

(42)May 21, 2011 Reviews, reviews, reviews!

(41)May 14, 2011 SPecial guest Norberto Ramos

(40)May 7, 2011 Special guest Nacho Cerdá 

(39)April 30, 2011 Reviews, reviews, reviews!

(38)April 23, 2011, Special guest Fabio Frizzi 

(37)April 16, 2011 Tribute to Coffin Joe with Rustbucket from Kitchen sink radio (Part 2)

(36)April 9, 2011 Tribute to Coffin Joe with Rustbucket from Kitchen sink radio (Part 1)

(35)April 2, 2011 Special guest Isabel Rey, executive producer of O Apostolo

(34)March 26, 2011, Latest news about Angel Sala and a Serbian film and a tribute to  José Larraz

(33)March 19, 2011 News and Mistress Elena going nuts

(32)March 12, 2011  Special guest Sergio Molina, Paul Naschy’s son

(31)March 5, 2011 Special guest José Luis Alemán

(30)Feb 26, 2011 Jean Rollin tribute togeher with the expert Justin Vingoe and Paula Paula, last Jess Franco’s movie, review

(29)Feb 19, 2011 SPecial guest Pepe de las Heras talking about Spanish Horror in general

(28)Feb 12, 2011 Special guest Javier Trujillo talking about Waldemar Daninsky comics online publication

(27)Feb 5, 2011 Tribute to Lucio Fulci

(26)Jan 29, 2011 Tribute to Leon Klimovsky

(25)Jan 22, 2011 J.P. Simon tribute together with Rustbucket from Kitchen sink radio

(24)Jan 15, 2011 News special

(23)Jan 1, 2011 New Year’s special

(22)Dec 25, 2010 Xmas Special and a year review

(21)Dec 18, 2010 Special guest Antonio Mayans, 2nd part

(20)Dec 11, 2010 Special guest Antonio Mayans, 1st part

(19)Dec 4, 2010 Special guests Troy Guinn and Rod Barnett talking about Spanish Horror

(18)Nov 27, 2010 Naschy tribute with listeners texts and audios

(17)Nov 20, 2010 Special guest Mirek Lipinski

(16)Nov 13, 2010 Special guests Troy Guinn and Rod Barnett talking about Paul Naschy and the Naschycast

(15)Nov 6, 2010 Special guests Robert Monell

(14)Oct 30, 2010 Halloween special Buenas Noches Señor Monstruo review

(13)Oct 23, 2010 Special guest Pepe de las Heras

(12)Oct 16, 2010 Special guest Enrik García from Dark Moor

(11)Oct 9, 2010 Mario Bava Special

(10)Oct 2, 2010 Spanish Horror special together with Humberto Amador

(9)Sept 25, 2010 Special guest Damian Varea from The great Croton

(8)Sept 18, 2010 Special guest Angel Mora, producer of Empusa 2nd part

(7)Sept 11, 2010 Special guest Angel Mora, producer of Empusa 1st part

(6)Sept 4, 2010 Blind Dead, first and second part, special

(5)Aug 28, 2010 Special guest  Javier Trujillo

(4)Aug 21, 2010 Hammer productions special

(3)Aug 14, 2010 Special guest Victor Matellano, author of Spanish Horror book

(2)Aug 7, 2010 Narciso Ibañex Serrador special

(1)July 31, 2010 Special guest Ángel Agudo, director of The Man who saw Frankenstein cry and Naschy’s biographer


8 responses

  1. mark

    Hey Elena, I heard about your podcasts from Rod and Troy on the Naschycast. Thanks for sharing them all here, I listened to your interview with Mirek yeasterday which was excellent. I’m surprised that he didn’t like Curse of the Devil, I think it’s a great film. Can’t wait to listen to more of your podcasts, the Naschy special is next but I’m also looking forward to Leon Klimovsky, Antonio Mayans, Blind Dead and so many more, thanks again for sharing!

    February 7, 2012 at 11:48 am

    • Thanks a lot to you for listening. I love the naschycast, Rod and Troy make a great job! You can also listen to the new podcast that is on here on the site. Thanks again! Hope to hear more comments from you soon!! Lots of love from Spain!

      February 7, 2012 at 1:10 pm

  2. Paul M.

    ditto what Mark said. thanks for posting the links to the documentaries too. i’m in the process of learning Italian and that counted for my daily lesson. i learned a few new words. like, the word for S*** is almost the same as in French!

    February 13, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    • In SPanish is rpetty similar too lol i am also learning Italian!! Great!! I am happy you like the shows. Thanks a lot :)

      February 14, 2012 at 8:05 am

  3. mark

    Hi Elena, just a quick note to tell you I have listened to some more of your podcasts, I really enjoyed the Paul Naschy and Leon Klimovsky shows, Werewolf Shadow and The Vampires’ Night Orgy are two of my favourite Spanish films. I haven’t seen I Hate my Body yet but it sounds great. Also your interview with Antonio Mayans was superb, he’s a great interview subject with some amazing stories to tell! Thanks for sharing these wonderful podcasts!

    February 14, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    • Thanks a lot to you for your beautiful comment here, you make my day and I am so glad people like the podcast!!! I will try to continue with the good work!! Lots of love from Spain!

      February 14, 2012 at 7:20 pm

  4. Hi there. I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite some time now, and I must admit this is a much needed blog for all of us, horror film lovers. Keep up the good work!

    December 29, 2013 at 2:07 pm

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